Webtail-X v0.9 in progress

april 2, 2006
Working on Webtail-X v0.9. It's been a long time, but i'm working again in webtail-x. The new feature it's going to be the mysql support for the logs.
Webtail-X v0.8 released

july 30, 2005
Version 0.8 of Webtail-X is here! It has two major features: now its resizable, you can change de size any time you want and it remember the size even if you reload the page; only checks the changes of the log file only when it's open, this way the petitions to the server are only when needed.

july 25, 2005
I'm working in some of the objectives
Webtail-X v0.7(stable) Released !

july 19, 2005
On july 18, 2005 was released the first beta of Webtail-X. The features are:
  • Web-based tail simulation command
  • Easy customization of the gui through the stylesheet
  • Easy installation, only a simple few steps and webtail-x is working.
  • Keep your logs with you while surfing de web.
Opening New Site !

july 18, 2005
Today I celebrate the opening of the new site of this proyect that i called webtail-x. I'm very excited about this because i think it's a really cool proyect and maybe with your help we can do it even better. If you want to know what webtail-x is, go to the about section and take a look to that. If you want to get involved with this proyect go to the development section for information.