About Webtail-X
Webtail-X is a web-based simulation of the tail command, very common in Linux. It's build with xhtml and css for the frontend and works with javacript and xml-rpc to retrieve the data from the file we set up.

This proyect is mainly for developers, so they can keep track of the system files without having an open console and it can be checked from every part of the world because it's web-based. It also could be use it in web system with multi-users to see if any error happends in real time. But sometimes also could be use it for users to show them some other stuff.

  • Browsers: works in all that the css property position: fixed; work. That excludes IE(*)
  • PHP 4.3.0+
  • Cookies enabled in the browser
If you have tested Webtail-X in some others browsers, system or php version please let me know sending me an email to rpm@dwec.com.ar and i will update this list.

(*)One of the properties of webtail-x is that one of the css values is no compatible with Internet Explorer. That value is position: fixed, this mean that the div that holds webtail-x will maintein his position even if you scroll the page, but in Internet Explorer doesn't work and just look bad. In the future i will include a patch for IE o will wait until the release of IE7 that hopefully will be compatible with CSS 2.